writing under the influence

It's hard to write while depressed.  Nothing sounds right and nothing flows correctly.  I'm coming off a bad couple of days now, and have looked at what I tried to write.  I have good ideas about what to write: opinionatedness, fitness, Star Trek films, commitment, and horrible people on the Internet.  Yet none of those posts got off the ground because I couldn't articulate myself duly.  I hope the good times keep rolling and I can expound and polish those posts.  We'll see.

Some updates: I've been selected as a staff writer for The Current (UMSL's student newspaper) this upcoming semester; this is to fulfill an internship requirement for my communications degree.  It's a great opportunity to expound on my writing skills, and it hopefully will spur me to blog more.  Also, it could burn me out on writing and I won't blog all semester.  I'm hoping for the former.  I've included a link to The Current atop the blog; once I have submitted stories to the paper, that link will go to a collection of my articles on the website.

I've also selected my course load for the upcoming semester.  One is the internship, the second is Intro to News Writing.  I needed one final elective course for my degree, and since I'll be writing for The Current, this one seems like a good choice.  It's only two credit hours, and only meets once a week on Tuesdays.  My third class is Mass Media in Society; this one meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I don't know what to expect so much with this class because I don't know the professor, but I believe it'll tie with my internship for work this semester.

I only have six classes to go before earning my degree; three this semester and three next semester.  If I can pull that off, I'll graduate with my bachelor's at the same time Rebecca's receiving her Ph.D. next Spring.

Full disclosure: I wrote this post because I wanted to look like I was doing something while the Charter guy was in here doing some work.  I didn't want to just be watching videos on the Internet and looking like a complete jobless bum.  He's done now, so I guess I am too.

Daniel C. Hodges