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I’m working something a little more substantial to come later, but I wanted to take a moment to toot my own horn: a Wikipedia article that I started and have worked extensively on has been promoted to “Good Article” status! Give it a read: Osborne Reef

I actually started the article last October after listening to an NPR story on the same. It may be rather disingenuous to say that the article is “mine” since Wikipedia is a collaborative effort project: but as of this posting (according to WikiDashboard) in addition to starting the article, I’ve made 61.5% of the contributions to it.

As for what the “Good Article” distinction means:

Currently, 1,612 of a total of 2,017,293 Wikipedia articles (about 1 in 1,250 [0.08 %]) are featured articles, which have been thoroughly reviewed and designated as the very best of Wikipedia. There are also many articles containing excellent content, but which have not yet reached the featured article standard or are unlikely to reach this high standard soon due to a variety of reasons; […]).

Currently, 2,862 (about 1 in 704 [0.14%]) articles […] meet the good article criteria: in short, they should be well written, stable, accurate, and referenced, have a neutral point of view, and show relevant illustrations with an appropriate copyright. Good articles may not be as thorough and detailed as our featured articles, but they should not omit any major facets of the topic (compare good articles v. featured articles here).

Ultimately, I think I spent several hours working on the article over the course of the last year and I’m very proud of what I accomplished there. And I’ve found it surprising that even after all that working with it, I still just enjoy reading what I’ve written there. I hope you do too.

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