theme songs and what to do with them

I've been collecting TV show theme songs for a long time.  Since the 90s at least.  I occasionally sit somebody down and quiz them on songs and see how much of a TV junkie they either are, or were growing up.  I currently have 249 theme songs to shows that I've personally watched over the years, though some of them only minimally.  Some of them are pretty obvious, like DuckTales or Star Trek, but some of them are pretty obscure like the one I've embedded at the top of this post.  Do you know what it is?

I was bored this evening and started making a Keynote slideshow that serves as a fancy version of the quiz game I've done in the past, but I would have to sit somebody down in front of my computer to do it.  (I now keep all of the theme songs in Dropbox so I can quiz anybody with the most basic implementation of the quiz with my iPhone.)  It has a color-coded waveform to indicate the difficulty of the theme song, it has some simple animations like dissolves and flips that I think are tastefully implemented, and all the audio is embedded in the file so I can take it anywhere (in theory).

I'm considering trying to develop some sort of online quiz, but I don't know how well received it would be, or how much work it would take.  There's also the aspect of cheating.  If the theme song has been put on an album in the past, SoundHound or Shazam might could identify it; I randomly tested DuckTales and Magnum PI, and SoundHound identified both of them.

 I don't know.  What do you, my scant readers think?

Just for kicks, here's a second theme song for you to try and recognize:

Daniel C. Hodges