that delay

I was at work yesterday, typing up something while my co-worker reviewed performance reports. After a while, she took one to our supervisor to check something out; that’s when I started listening.

Apparently there was a bupkis word being used and she just wanted justification that it was wrong. Listening closer, I realized the word was ‘bested’. Impressed that somebody used the word ‘bested’ in a performance report, I spoke up saying: “Good word!”

“It’s not a word!”

Confused, I finally turned towards the conversation upon which I had been dropping eaves. “Of course it is.”

“‘Bested’? No; ‘best’ and ‘better’, but not ‘bested‘.”

I turned back to Firefox and a few seconds later: “‘Bested: to get the better of; beat’; The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.”

Unimpressed, “Well, they need to use a word the general public should know.”

Personally apalled, I scoffed, “Well, the general public needs to get an eighth grade education.”

About seven seconds later I realized that may not have been the best thing to say. However, that doesn’t make it any less true does it?

thumbnail credit: Hagrid by Misty-Dawn (© 2010)