reading Star Trek again

The Gateways heptalogy consists of novels from six different Star Trek series.  I'm currently reading the Challenger novel of the miniseries (Chainmail).  It's earning 3/4 stars so far.  I wish they'd kept making Challenger novels, but this is the only one except for the New Earth hexalogy finale (Challenger).  The Gateways stories are based on the Iconian gateways seen in the TNG and DS9 episodes, "Contagion" and "To the Death" respectively.

I'm reading the Gateways miniseries now because book four leads immediately into the Mission Gamma tetralogy which is the backbone of early DS9 relaunch.  After catching up that, I'll be ready to read the Destiny trilogy again and then move on to the Typhon Pact series of crossover novels.  Then I'll have to re-confer with the Almighty Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Order Flow Chart (version IV) to see what's next.

I actually already have most of these novels, bought on the cheap—used or new—from V-Stock, they just all need to get read eventually.  Many thanks to Rebecca for helping me get organized again and spurring my delve back into Star Trek literature.

I'm genuinely very pleased with the way the Star Trek lit-verse has unfolded.  It used to be that disparate authors wrote novels in a vacuum, and were careful not to change anything in the universe that wasn't present in the TV shows.  But ever since around 2004, all the Star Trek authors have come together and seem to be writing from a collaborative bible of sorts that they all agree on.  That's how Gateways book four (Chainmail by Diane Carey) can lead directly into Mission Gamma book one (Twilight by David R. George III).  I've been slightly spoiled on some plotlessness to come, and it suffices to say that they are not maintaining the status quo in these books.  They've grabbed the reigns of old-Trek (as opposed to nu-Trek by J.J. Abrams) and are steering it into the final frontier, definitely where no one has gone before, and I'm thrilled to be along for the ride.

If you're not a slave to comprehensiveness like I am, 8of5 has a several good places to start reading if you're interested in picking up some contemporary Star Trek novels.