Quoth Darth Vader

I’ve worked retail sales, and I’ve been afraid of irate customers in the past. The headaches I’ve endured dealing with the KitchenAid KSM150PSBU have now made me a customer that I would be afraid of.

Mixer I

In December 2005, I bought Angelbiscuit the KSM150PSBU from Sears for a Christmas gift. She had said several times she wanted a mixer, and after consulting consumer reviews on Epinions, I was happy to be able to surprise her with it. Out-of-the-box we discovered a motor problem with the mixer, it possessed a sort of “rattling” sound when engaged. Researching this online, I found that this was a known problem, and that several people had gotten theirs exchanged already without any problem from KitchenAid.

Due to extenuating circumstances, I didn’t have the opportunity to exchange the mixer until June 2006. I called the KitchenAid telephone number (1-800-541-6390) and explained my problem. After running the mixer over the phone so that they could hear the problem, KitchenAid confirmed that it was under warranty and that I would receive a new mixer within a few days.

Mixer II

I received my next mixer within a few days as promised; excellent service!

Only… when I took it out of the box and set it up, I found that the head wouldn’t lock down properly. It only locked about half-way, and if I pulled up on the head, it would unlatch and rise up. Consulting the manual, I found that you can adjust the height of the head to compensate for the latch not functioning. However, to sufficiently lower the head to allow the latch to fully engage was too low and resulted in the mixer attachments (whisk, beater) to actually be in contact with the bottom of the bowl. Another call to KitchenAid had me go through their instructions step-by-step only to confirm I had an irreparable issue and that they would send me a new one.

As this was my second non-functional model so far, I requested and was given expedited service on the delivery. The day of this conversation (if I remember correctly) UPS came and picked up Mixer I.

Mixer III

It is now the 17th of September and I still have Mixer II at home because I was on vacation when they tried to pick-up. They did manage not to deliver Mixer III until I was home to accept delivery.  This afternoon, in an effort to make some cookies for my wife while she was at work, I finally constructed the newest iteration of my mixer.  This mixer has the same problem as Mixer II and to the same degree — my cookie mix will go un-made for the time being.

Today Redux

About three months after sending back the mixer via UPS (with pleasantly pre-paid shipping), I have now received my refund check for the third bad mixer. I'm not happy with the delay, but as I'd honestly forgotten about it, it was a nice pre-Christmas surprise.

I was asked to provide information about the features of this particular model in an effort to make this a more well-rounded review. Unfortunately, as I never once used the mixer, I don't have any in-use experience with it. Further, I don't have any experience with any other mixers to compare with—this was my very first mixer—and can't tell you how (re: what little I saw) it stacked up against others in its category.

Final word: three inoperable mixers, three-month delayed refund check. KitchenAid has used up their three strikes with me; I'll look elsewhere this Christmas.

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