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I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the concept of “form following function”. I’ve thought about it with respects to my website, and my recent re-building of my computer.

Let me start out a bit more obliquely: when I built my first computer back in 2001, I got a nice and big mid-tower steel case to build everything into. Now, I didn’t really have any fancy hardware to put in; actually, if I remember correctly I had some pretty sub-par parts. But I bought the case big-ish intentionally to have lots of room for expansion, and steel so that any modding that I was planning to do wouldn’t cause any structural problems. If you realize that I only just a week ago finally replaced that old case when I rebuilt the whole computer: in the last five years I did nothing I’d originally planned.

I never had more than two optical (CD/DVD) drives in there, and usually only one of them ever worked at a time. I had three hard drives at one point, but I didn’t care so much that I never actually mounted the third one in. I just left it laying on the bottom of the case, chillin’ out. I did swap out the mobo, CPU, and RAM over the last five years, but never to anything leet, just enough to keep going. Kinda funny, while I never did any modding to the case, Scottish actually took the initiative and had it signed by all my friends from the WF while I was in basic training. The only thing I did even close to being “cool” with my case was to perpetually remove the side for … well, cooling.

When I was thinking about building my new computer, I had two kinda-revelations. The first was really originally Phlip’s revelation, I just stole it.

I do not need to be on the bleeding edge of technology to have a good system.

I’ve been hesitant before to re-build/upgrade my computer because it would be so expensive; I’ve always gone at the idea with the assumption that I would (of course!) use the best and the brightest and the newest and the fastest parts. Recently, when talking with Phlip the last time I was visiting, I realized that it’s possible to still have a rippin’ computer and not be using the absolute top-of-the-line hardware. Granted, I did only settle for somewhat less than top-of-the-line, but it was still pretty reasonable and didn’t put me in the poorhouse. Just the not-rich-house.

For the most part, I really don’t care about what something looks like on the outside, just so long as it is the way I like it on the inside.

That totally sounds like the lesson to a morality play. But it’s true! So long as everything ran well on my old computer, I ceased caring about what it looked like on the outside; it was just “there”. This blog is another example; while it seems that the look of my website is intently important, I realize that its only so because I’m jealous of Scottish’s sites (and by association, his design talent). When I take a minute and think about it, I really care more about what my blog does than what it looks like. I want more content, I want to blog more, I want to do more with my website — not to it.

I abused Scottish so much to build this design for my website; I hope he doesn’t hit me: I’ve been downloading other different styles from various theme repositories on the internet and have been experimenting with them. I currently have 14 installed, although I haven’t decided which one to try out full-time yet. Don’t think that I don’t like the design as it is now, it’s just so easy to change it, I just want to try out different looks and see what I like. It’s funny, I still have thoughts (delusions) of spending lots of time and effort on designing and building my own theme; I almost even said something to that effect here. But that would be silly — If I were honest with myself, I don’t really care that much, and I’m not very good at it. I would rather spend that time at Memory Alpha or Wikipedia (now, whether I should is another subject entirely).