Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman in The Babadook (© 2014, Entertainment One)

On January 22nd I was at the base barber shop for a haircut. After taking my number and while waiting my turn, two young children were leaving with who I assume was their mother. One little boy with a fresh-looking haircut was carrying a small milk carton he was drinking; as his mother was getting him into his coat, she realized he was still drinking his milk and instructed him to “Throw your milk away!”

The little boy—drinking the milk—predictably replied: “No!”

Her response, assumedly stemming from the same rationale as her original dictate, was that “It’s no good anymore, it’s warm.” To which I was surprised to then watch the little boy throw his milk carton in the trash, put on his coat, and then leave.

Wait… what? I feel safe in assuming that the milk wasn’t hours old, or else that would have elicited a more alarmed response from the mother. Most likely it was a recent pre-barber shop lunch purchase. So if the milk was nutritionally and healthily fine, and the boy certainly wasn’t perturbed by its temperature as evidenced by his drinking it, what’s wrong with him drinking it? Why waste perfectly good milk? I even have it on good authority that some people prefer warm milk.

I don’t get it? You wanna drink that milk? Go for it.