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I could write a lot about Wikipedia and how much I love contributing to it, but this quickie is all about me. On the 10th, I received an email from another Wikipedian with whom I’ve collaborated in the past; she offered to nominate me to receive “Administrator” rights and privileges.

That’s big.

Administrators [...] are Wikipedia editors who have access to technical features that help with maintenance. English Wikipedia practice is to grant administrator status to anyone who has been an active and regular Wikipedia contributor for at least a few months, is familiar with and respects Wikipedia policy, and who has gained the trust of the community [...] Among other technical abilities, administrators can protect and delete pages, block other editors, and undo these actions as well. These privileges are granted indefinitely, and are only removed upon request or under circumstances involving high-level intervention [...].

Just being offered the nomination means a lot to me, and tells me that I’m (a) making a difference, and (b) appreciated. Mmmm, so good. I gave myself some time to stew over it, and just replied with my declination.

I think the best answer is thank you very much, but no.

While I’d like to think I would only use such power and privilege in uncontentious matters, I’m opinionated and think highly of my own logic and reason. Even if I were to use my powers only for good, I’ve been all too uncomfortable with other administrators becoming involved in projects/arguments/discussions/etc. and then using their “sway” (technical or otherwise) tangentially to those same issues they’re involved in. I don’t want to be that guy.

Recognition leads to power. Power leads to assuredness. Assuredness leads to carelessness.
Carelessness leads to impropriety. Impropriety leads to drama. Drama leads to the dark side.

I don’t mind being just a grunt; I’ll leave the drama to the Jedi.

Thanks again though, that’s a great compliment from another editor!

I really enjoy editing Wikipedia, but much like working on computers, I don’t want to make “my fun” into “my work”, and I’m afraid that that anchor around my neck is more responsibility than fits into my fun. Does that make sense?

thumbnail credit: "Wikipedia Administrator" by "ANGELUS" (CC BY-SA 3.0)