Nintendo Entertainment System

Why did I buy a 28 year-old video game console?
Because I have an addictive personality and poor impulse control.

In the "gamecollecting" subreddit, people post the various consoles, games, handhelds, and other things related to vintage video gaming that they've scrounged.  I've been lurking for some time now and have seen people find the most amazingly old and pristine things at Goodwills, thrift stores, garage sales, and more.  I wanted in, but I knew if I started down this road I'd spend too much money on things I don't really want just for the sake of collecting and hoarding them (only my wallet and my wife keep me off an episode of Hoarders).

Assessing what I really wanted: I wanted to have the games and experiences I couldn't afford in my childhood.  True, I owned an NES back in the early 1990s, but I only had two or three games for it, and I never had the skill to beat any of them.  Nowadays the games are only a few bucks on eBay, and I'm much older with years and years of video gaming experience.  So I dropped the money on a refurbished system and half a dozen games that should last me a while.

Super Mario Bros. is first to go in the new system.  I can reach world 8-2 with warp zones, and world 4-2 without.  Practice makes perfect.