I actually prefer Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs.

"Going, going, gone - 62/365" by Allan Foster (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

About 12.5 days ago, I was asked, "You have 7 days to eat 40 lbs of whatever is the last thing that you ate. How well do you do?"  About twelve hours later, I answered,

Four Thin Mints are 32 g. 32/4 = 8g (and 40 kcal) per Thin Mint cookie. 40 lbs on Earth equals 18.144 kg, or 2268 cookies (totaling 90720 kcal). Let’s cut back to six nightly hours of sleep for this week, giving us 18 hours/day of Thin Minting. That’s actually only 432 Thin Mints per day. I just put away ½ of a box (16 cookies) in roughly 15 minutes or less, though I feel it went easier because they were frozen.

I do pretty good. Or not; I’m a communications major, not a STEM grad. You want a poem or short story about eating ⅓ of a Thin Mint per minute, I’m your guy. You want to see someone eat 648% of their daily caloric budget in Girl Scout cookies, call Sonya Thomas.

thumbnail credit: photo ("Thin mints are tasty") © Danny Ngan

Daniel C. Hodges