cleanliness is next to nerdliness

I was trying to shave.

I was watching a YouTube documentary about a very famous director; while making one of his most-famous films, he experimented each day with how fast to build his lather until he found just the perfect speed.  Unfortunately, by the time I’d learned his secret, I only had time to shave one or two swaths before I had to run and catch the school bus.

On the bus, I was a little embarrassed by my shaving cream-covered face, so I wiped it off.  On the way to school, the bus encountered very heavy traffic, so began driving in the oncoming lane so as to arrive on time.  I was the only one upset by this dangerous driving.

When we got to school, I headed to my first class, Computer Basics.  When I sat down at a desk, probably about half the class was still not yet present.  While I sat there idly, I caught myself gnawing on the dirty, rubber stopper at the bottom of my grandfather's cane.  Far less disgusted with myself than I should've been, I put it down.

When our teacher entered, it prompted me to look around and realize that I really didn't want to sit through class today.  Thinking of ways to shirk, first I decided that since I was already well-versed in computer use, I could probably just skip class and still pass any assignments and/or tests.  Then I remembered that I didn't even need to go to school; I'd already graduated and received my diploma!  Happily I stood and headed for the door.

On my way past the front of the classroom, I saw Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz sitting next to each other in the front row.  As I walked past, I tapped each of them on the shoulder with the cane smugly saying something to the effect of, "I'm outta here, fellas.  I don't need a computer basics course."  As I egressed, I felt bad for picking on them.  In the hallway, Wolowitz had followed me out.  I turned around to apologize, but he just brushed it off.  He started speaking to me, but the last thing I really remember is looking at these abstract art-class sculptures that looked to be made of Laffy Taffy.