brain crack: reading

One of the things eating away at my brain is a desire to read more.  You'd think this wouldn't be a problem, what with working in a library and everything.  Well, it's not the access to unread books that's the problem; I have plenty of those at home.  It's getting back into the groove of reading after hitting some poor books that's the trouble.

You may or may not recall, I tried getting back into my Star Trek books last April.  I got a few books in, but stalled out when I reached one that didn't grab me (Doors Into Chaos).  Because I'm reading them sequentially, and each sequential book feeds into the next, I stalled out on reading Star Trek as a whole until I could finish that one book.  Every time I've thought about reading since then, my mind goes back to that book and says, 'If I'm going to read, I should get back to work on my Star Trek books.  But I had difficulty getting into that one book, so I should wait.'  Wait for what, my brain never specified: just wait.

Reading is one of the few pieces of brain crack that doesn't cost much: used books are usually around $4 or less, and I already have a large backlog of them to read.  I really want to read, as evidenced by my continuing to check out library books even though I haven't read any of my own books in a while.  I currently have five books checked out:

  • 7th Sigma - This is by the same author (Steven Gould) who wrote one of my favorite books, Jumper.  I was searching the library system for the sequels to Jumper—to no avail—when I came across this sci-fi novel.  I liked Jumper and Reflex an awful lot, so I'm hoping I'll like this.
  • Federation - This is a stand-alone Star Trek novel (i.e. it's not tied into any story arcs I'm reading elsewhere) by a pair of authors I love: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.  It's an original series and Next Generation crossover novel, and it's currently sitting on my bedside table to be read.  I've made it through the prologue so far, but I don't know if I'll get much further because, having been released in 1994, it conflicts with later Star Trek that came out.
  • Mindless Eating - I think the premise of this book ("Why We Eat More Than We Think") is a large influence on why I have such a hard time losing weight (that and a distinct lack of exercise).  I don't know if this book'll help, but it can't hurt I suppose.
  • Ancillary Justice - This science-fiction novel won a ton of awards, including a Hugo Award, Nebula Award, BSFA Award, Arthur C. Clarke Award, and Locus Award.  I think it was recommended to me a while back because I put it on my wishlist in December 2014.
  • The Martian - Universally recommended, major motion picture made, science-fiction, etc.  It sounds right up my alley.

I still have a dozen or two Star Trek books to read, books I've received as gifts, books I bought on sale at V-Stock, books of Angelbiscuit's that I want to read, and more.  This seems like it should be the easiest of the brain crack to expunge, but we'll see.  I'll start with the library books in order of what's due back soonest, then work on the books I already own without checking out any more from the library.  I was planning on buying a few books with an impending gift card, but now I may rethink that.  As for Doors Into Chaos: when I get back to Star Trek books after reading my library books, I'll give it another try, and then bail and move on if I can't get into it.

thumbnail credit: "Reading" by Moyan Brenn (CC BY)

Daniel C. Hodges