and success

I don't know how influential the suits were, but I've recently been very successful on the job front.

Back in January, Angelbiscuit's school needed to hire for two positions: the school café in the mornings, and their after-school childcare program in the afternoon.  I applied for, and was accepted to both positions within a week or so of applying!  It paid enough to cover our budget and help start paying down student loans, so I was excited to begin.

Then, a week or so into these new jobs, I got a call from the city of Memphis.  They wanted to know if I was still interested in a job I'd applied for back in September.  It was for a position as a full-time "Senior Circulation Rep." at the Memphis Public Library.  Trusting September-me to have made good job choices, I told them I was still interested, so they scheduled me for an interview.  Then I went home and read up on what the job description was!  It was right up my alley with my military customer service and office-worker experience, it paid almost double what I was making at the school, and came with benefits like health, dental, and such.  The interview was scheduled for mid-February, and I walked out feeling really good about the experience.  They asked good questions that I was able to answer confidently and articulately.  Then, in early March they called me back and offered me the job!

Since then I've filled out a ream of HR paperwork, attended new employee orientation downtown, and begun my training.  For last week and next I'm training at a different branch than the one at which I'll be working, and then I'll train at yet another branch for an indeterminate amount of time before moving into my branch.  So far, after a three-day-week of training, I'm loving the job.  I've dealt with holds, transfers, new patrons' accounts, fines, checking media in and out, and more in just three days.

I'm truly thrilled with my new job, its duties, and all it provides me.  I'm blessed, and I've been giving thanks for my bounty.  I'm looking forward to working for the library for a good, long time and settling down in life for a change.

thumbnail image: "Memphis Central library" by makzhou (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Daniel C. Hodges