2017–2018 School Year

Egalitarian eagles,
Expectant of exaltations
issued for their expertise.
Egads, my equals!
Instead, educate these elite:
Estimability is earned.

Sagacious serpents,
Such slandered subjects of scorn.
Supporters of the symmetry
betwixt the special and the simple.
"Cease the separation of our
similarly sentient societies!"

Braggart badgers,
Born into a bounty
of banknotes, not brains.
Brood not on these bothersome
bozos, they boast no
benefits worth bearing.

Lazy lions,
Lecherous liars and layabouts.
These lowest of the low
languish limply on the ladder
of leadership and life.
Laughable if not lamentable. 

thumbnail image: © Warner Bros.