blogging again

This is probably the fourth or fifth time I've taken up blogging.  Why have I again taken up the exercise?  Because I call myself a writer despite not writing.

I've written for class, I've written for D&D scenarios, I write for Wikipedia, and I occasionally write for myself, but they're all so infrequent that I don't really have any practice writing in a sustained manner.  I hope that this blog will be my impetus to write.

I'll post ramblings, I'll post poetry (old and new), I'll try my hand at creative fiction and non-fiction, and whatever else I find myself putting into words.  There won't be much consistency in what I write from day to day, but the goal is the day to day part.  I'll try to keep myself accountable, but would appreciate it if you did too.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Daniel C. Hodges