time travel & lanwar

I really do love the concept of time travel.  Ever since I became interested in reading (read: birth), books about time travel have always intrigued me.  Any type of time travel, "realistic", comepletely made up, or completely ridiculous, they usually all have some thought about, twist on, or problem with the time travel employed that nobody else had ever thought about before.  The Ender's Game series (what Becca calls a quartet, and that I debate is a sexology) employs Einstienian physics for regarding time travel.  Not the nicest of the bunch, but at least not barred by real modern physics.  STAR TREK, a slew of various juvenille books, H.G. Wells, Stephen Baxter <<~~~~ (The Time Ships, a relatively unheardof, yet very good Time Travel read) all employ the theory of time travel and the problems and paradoxes therein.  I even wrote a paper on the subject for my English 101 class; if you're interested, it can be downloaded here.  Anyway! This was all brought about by a wonderful article in Scientific American about the subject!  A must read if you're into this sorta thing!

Lets see -- anything else?  Church in the morning!  Centenary!  If you're not into a church, and you're in the Lexington area, ... um ... come to our Youth Group tomorrow night if you're in middle school or high school [anyone in that bracket read my page?]!

oh, I said I'd mention more about LanWar didn't I?  You should go!!  It's totally awesome!!  unfortunately most of my friends who are interested in this sort of this are going elsewhere in the country for college, and won't be able to attend.  :^(  MOliver and I'll miss you Ben and Scott!!!  But anyways, it's a blast!  I really can't say anything more about it, just go to their site and check it out if you have any questions!

And if you have no idea what a LanWar would be, then you probably wouldn't be interested in going.  :^)

Daniel C. Hodges